25 June 2006


So, I think I mentioned I already communicated with Dr. Marchesini and the cogs are in motion. I have put together a budget and will be working off of that. So far, with a good deal of padding, my total expenses should be around $15,200. When researching getting the surgery here in the US, I was approved for $11,500 however this was for a surgeon here. I will need to check to see if I can get that money to Brazil. We'll see, otherwise I will have to go the home equity route which could be a pain in the ass. First and foremost, I want to get the hospital & surgeon fees paid for by loans. Airfare, hotels, fees, etc. I can manage as I go along.

I'm looking to have surgery the first full week in September and I just realized that the the doc wants me to stay a full two weeks after the actual surgery, not just two weeks total so that means I could be there for almost 3 weeks. Yikes. I did talk to my busines partner (more on that later) and she agreed to go with me for at least part of the whole thing so that's awesome.

I still have a lot to get done beforehand, but I think this surgery is becoming more of a reality than just a notion.


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