27 June 2006


So I went to see my PCP and although she wasn't overwhelmingly supportive, she seemed really receptive about me having the surgery and will even work with me to get all the tests done here that I need to have. So very cool. She even mentioned that she had some RNY patients which is even more comforting to know at least I know she isn't anti-WLS.

I left with her fax number in hand in order to fax her the pre-op tests that Dr. Marchesini requested as well as some info on the DS. I've already faxed her the info and I hope to hear from her so that I can schedule my labs at by late July/August.

There was some bad news, my blood pressure is pretty high, 152/80. Yikes, so I also left with a new prescription for blood pressure medication. Sucks, but I know this is a temporary thing. I only gotta do it for a few more months then I'll be on the losing side and won't need it anymore. My personal goal is to be super compliant after surgery, I know this whole ordeal will be a challenge and I have no intentions in screwing any of this up. I plan to use this tool to the best of my ability. I really am not trying to mess around. My goal is to have lost 100% of the excess weight by month 24, if not month 18.

Anyway, I have a ton of work to get done in the next two months, the biggest challenge is making sure the money is together. I really don't want to get any money from my parents because they've already supported me in many other ways so I'm really going to work on doing it myself, even if it includes starting up a side gig. I have to get this done -- by any means necessary -- my life depends on it.


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