08 July 2006


Good grief. My long weekend sucked. Not only did I not go anywhere or eat *any* bbq, I got really sick on the 4th and spent much of that day and the following with a combo headache/sinus problem nightmare. Not fun.

Anyway, I finally, finally got all my loan paperwork in, they kept requesting more and more info, I guess because I work for a startup and have only lived in this house for 2 years. Hopefully, I'll get the approval this Monday. This whole thing is a bit nervewracking because when I get this loan, then it'll be real. There won't be any obstacles to me getting the surgery, it'll just be a matter of me getting all the things done that I need to get done. Speaking of, I got my lab results from the tests I took Monday. Most everything was looking pretty good, at least for me anyway. My iron is low (big surprise...not). I must admit to not being as diligent as I could be, but I promise to be better. My cholestrol was high, but really only my LDL was high. My HDL is a solid 47 (I need to start going back on Fish Oil), my triglycerides are 81 (which I think is pretty darn good) and my LDL is 140. I need to definitely work on that.

I'm taking this weekend off. I've been working nonstop, at least 12 hours a day for like 3 months and I'm what you'd call a little burned the heck out. Today, I'm going to take a little me time. I'll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous Kim said...

Hey T-

I am looking for an update. Please come to support group on the 20th!

July 12, 2006 at 8:58 PM  

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