11 February 2008

Panic? Me? Nooooo.....

So, I'm writing some code late this afternoon when I get a phone call from my gynecologist's office. A nice lady on the phone tells me that my lab test results are in and Dr. H. wants to talk to me about them. Uh-oh. That can't be good, right? So I sit on hold for like the longest 2-3 minutes of my life and the cheery doc gets on the line and proceeds to tell me that my pap smear came back negative (yea) and all my hormone levels came back good (yea)...except one (boo). He said that he wants me to come in for another test, that the nurse will call me back with the info. I give him my fax number so that I can get the results faxed back to me. Nurse calls about 5 minutes later and tells me that I can pick up the orders for the tests tomorrow and go ahead and get the tests (MRI?) done the same day. She confirms my fax number and within a couple of minutes I get the results. Indeed, all my results are normal except for one. My Prolactin levels are high, normal range is 2.8 - 29.2, mine was 75.3. Yikes! Needless to say, I spend the next 1/2 hour Googling my little fingers to the bone. I'm trying really hard not to self-diagnose, but since my thyroid test came back normal it looks like I have a Prolactinoma which sounds a lot worst than it really is. It's basically a benign tumor on my pituitary gland that is causing the high levels of Prolactin. Treatment is a pill, twice a week. I can deal with a freakin' pill. Obviously, all this is speculation on my part as I still have at least one more (maybe 2-3) test to take. Oh joy, another thing to obsess over.

Call me crazy, but I have to admit to a tiny amount of relief. I kinda felt something was wrong/off/awry and it looks like it wasn't all my imagination. The next week or so will hopefully clear the picture up and give me some answers, and most importantly a solution, so I guess we'll just wait and see. Normally, I would be freaking out, but I'll save it for another day that warrants a freak out, right now, I'm just focusing on taking whatever tests I need to take and getting a diagnosis if there is one to be had. Onward...



Blogger Melting Mama said...

Sounds like positive lactation.

February 12, 2008 at 9:38 AM  

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