08 November 2009

Still Here

The past few months have been interesting. I had my first major sports injury. I foolishly played tennis one night on a slick court. Dumb, I know, but in my defense, my friend Ana and I had been playing for a good hour and a half and then it started to mist. As soon as it did, we both said "five more minutes", she hit the ball to me, I planted my foot on the line and it slipped. Long story, short no major damage, but I have six weeks of physical therapy to look forward to and possibly some shots in my knee.

Overall, I am doing well. Playing tennis so much as increased my muscle which has been awesome. Even though my weight can still fluctuate, my clothes still fit and even are starting to get the slightest bit loose. I am planning on seeing my friend, Kim's, plastic surgeon before the end of the year, mostly for a consult. I really just want an idea of what I have to look forward to and to mostly set some expectations. My excess skin is starting to bother me more and more, mostly my arms and thighs. I hate being pear shaped. I look completely normal from the waist up, but then the flab on my thighs give things away. It's weird, some days I think I am fat, but then when I see my reflection compared to "normal" people, I still surprise myself. Even after all this time, there is still that disconnect.


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