31 July 2006


Well, my flight is all booked and I am having my tickets Fedexed to me. I want them in my hands as soon as friggin possible. I had to pause a minute before I hit that "complete order" button when I purchasing my tickets online. Every little act, every task I complete that brings me closer to getting this surgery fills me with more and more excitement and more and more nervousness.

I talked to two of my sisters over the weekend and they are just kick ass all around. They give me such great support and love and certainly take a lot of my fear away. It just fills me with such joy to know that they are rooting for me 100% and can't wait for all the good changes to take place. The word is getting around the family and I've started to get emails and notes of support. It's so awesome, it really reminds me of when I got accepted to my school of choice and was preparing to leave the nest. I was taking a step that very few people in my family had taken and I really feel like both situations are very similar.

My business partner has been awesome as well. I gotta give her her props. She's been really supportive and I dig that about her. Unfortunately she won't be going with me, but her daughter at least is. Her daughter works for our company and we get along fabulously. She won't be there the whole trip, but will be there surgery week and will stay until a few days after I'm discharged. I'll be on my own for a week or so after she leaves, but I'm really looking forward to seeing Brazil and will always have my camera close at hand. Not to mention the tons of souvenirs I have to buy, good grief!

All in all, I'm feeling pretty good. I still have a ton of stuff to do and I've been spending as much time as I can learning as much as I can about pre and post op preparation. I don't want to catch myself clueless at any point. That would suck.


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