01 August 2006


Ok, so I got my passport stuff in process and I got my plane tickets in the mail. I'm fixin' to email Dr. M my flight itinerary. Woo-hoo!!! When I talked to my sister this past weekend, she gave me a great idea. I was telling her about our last support group meeting where the speaker was a psychologist who gave us a glimpse into the dark side of WLS. She talked about some of her patients who struggle with alcoholism and promiscuous behavior, et al. (Side note: talk about scaring the crap out of folks!). Anyway, she also mentioned how some people go into debt because they get addicted to shopping and of all the things that the Dr. talked about, that is probably the one thing I am most likely to get caught up in. CLOTHES....lots and lots of clothes!!!!

My sister also agreed and said that a good thing I could do in order to limit my shopping is to save $1 or $2 for every pound I lose and that will be my clothes shopping budget. I'm lucky in that I don't have to dress up for work everyday so I don't have a great need to buy quality clothes every time I drop down a size or 4. My plan is to just hang on to clothes for as long as possible, basically until (1) I look totally ridiculous or (2) the clothes won't stay on with either a belt, safety pin or duct tape. The good thing is that we're soon entering the winter months and I can layer clothes through much of the fall and winter and will probably not have to worry about buying new clothes until like April/May. Anyway, I already have a savings account so I'll just keep track of the $$ there.

Yesterday, I came across an online photo album of I guess a meeting or convention of some kind of the DS Institute. Talk about cool! Most of the big names are there, Hess, Marchesini, Baltasar, Rabkin, Smith! It's cool to see that these folks know and network with each other and it gives me much more confidence in the surgery, in the doctors and in the future of WLS. If you have a chance, check these pictures out.


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