24 August 2006


First, I want to say thank you to all the people that sent me notes, publicly and privately, I really appreciate the support. Your kind words warmed my heart.

Sigh. Can I tell you how much I hate packing. It's a pain when I go on normal trips, now it's especially stressful because I've never had to pack for such a long trip and everything I read on the message boards says to pack light. I am only packing one suitcase and carrying on one bag. This has truly been an exercise in space management. I have no intentions of trying to look to cute in Brazil, my main goal is clean and comfortable so it's pretty much t-shirts and sweat pants.

It's pushing 4 AM right now and there isn't any sleep in sight for me til I get on the flight to Miami, even though it's only 2 hours long, I plan to be knocked out. I plan to sleep during my layover in Miami and I plan to really be snoring on the flight to Sao Paulo.

Well, I just wanted to pop in and drop a line or two before I go. I'll try to keep this site updated as much as I can (I am taking my trusty laptop) and will try to include pictures as well.

Woo-hoo! I'm excited and scared, but anxious to be switched!


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