16 September 2006

Food & Water

Let's talk nutrition. Per doctor's orders I was on a liquid diet for week starting the first day I passed my leak test. That was not fun. The second week was all mushy, soft foods. I typically ate egg whites, some pasta, very little meat and drank lots of gatorade and Isopure. Today starts week three which means I can practically have anything except that I need to stay away from fried, fatty, sugary or sweet foods. I could probably get away with a sweet bite or two, but honestly, not very interested.

I had noticed that I was feeling like I wasn't getting enough food in and within the last day or so, I figured out why. Dr. M. had instructed us on the importance of getting our water in as to not get dehydrated so like a good patient, I've been sipping water like a fiend. Problem was, I was always drinking water (or juice) with my meals so my little stomach was always 1/2 full with liquid and I wasn't able to eat as much as I should. A good friend in Brazil pointed this out to me and it was confirmed for me yesterday when I tried to eat a scrambled egg after drinking a good bit of water. I threw it all up because it was just too much. Now, I stop drinking anything 20-30 minutes before I eat and can now consume a good bit of food, probably close to the 5 oz capacity of my stomach.

This morning I had 3-4 oz of turkey & pastrami and 3 Ritz crackers. Yum. Probably the most I've eaten since surgery. I feel full and satisfied and was able to start drinking water 30-45 mins after the meal. Cool. This is just one of those things that I gotta figure out for myself. I tell ya though, the "full" sensation is a weird thing. It's amazing to think that the "full" signal is actually being sent and received on such a small stomach, but I'm happy it is.

Today or tomorrow, I have to venture out and get my other supplies, like Isopure drinks, some vitamins and maybe a better food scale. I'm not a big protein bar fan, but if I feel like it's getting really difficult to get my protein in, then I will try to find one I like.


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