16 September 2006

There and back

Well, I made it back in one piece! What an amazing journey and I half don't believe I actually went there. It's still all a little surreal. The plane ride(s) back where an absolute chore, especially the 8 hour ride from Sao Paulo to Miami. I never want to do that again, well I should say, I am happy to never have to do that again at this size. It's no freakin fun AT ALL.

Anyway, somehow TAM Airlines and American Airlines have misplaced my luggage so I am without many essentials and all of my souvenirs. Bummer. I am hoping they get their acts together and get me my stuff sometime today. I have plenty of clothes, but I most of my wound care stuff is in those bags so I may be making a trip to Eckerds sometime today. Luckily I did pack extras in my carry on, but not enough to get me through the weekend.

On a lighter note, at my doctor's appointment on Monday, I was delighted to find out I lost 22 lbs since my surgery. I started out at 510 lbs on the 25th of August and had surgery on the 30th. That's 22lbs in about 12 days (Sept 11th). Last night I got on the scale at 480.2 lbs and this morning, I weighed in at 476.8 lbs. It's amazing. I think because I started out at a such a high weight, these initial months will quite dramatic. I'm not really worried because I know some of it is water weight and because I'm probably still a little dehydrated from the long last couple of days. I'll take it though!!!

I'm really looking forward to the next support group meeting. I can finally identify as a post-op, even though it will only be for 22 days!

I am happy to be home, happy to be switched and just happy to get this next part of my life going!


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