29 September 2006

Getting It Together

I got up yesterday morning a little later than usual, around 9 AM. By 10:15, I was at the grocery store, it was about that time. The day before, the only thing I consumed were two Isopures and 1/2 a cup of Penne Alfredo. I figured it was time to quit playing around and go get some real food. Shopping took around an hour and I was pooped by the time I got back, but I was glad I went, not only for the nutritional benefit, but because I made it through without feeling like I was gonna pass out.

I feel like things are slowing coming together for me. Yesterday was a good day. I had my Isopure first thing in the morning, had a good lunch and a mid-afternoon snack. I took a nap from around 5-7pm and got up and made dinner, chicken w/ onions. Delicious. I'm lacking in the water department and I can certainly feel it, but today I picked up some crystal light GO packs and they are great. They make getting water in easy.

My first month is winding down and I truly believe I could have lost more had I been exercising, but dangit, I've been tired. Sometimes I think that maybe if I had been slowly doing some exercise I wouldn't be as tired as I am. Maybe my problem is my metabolism is slowing down too much and I need to do something to keep it revved. I mean, right now, I am working from home which makes it awful easy to just move from bed to desk and back again and that's it. I'd have to force myself to do something. I do have my exercise bike that I need to take advantage of so that's what I'll do. It's not as good as walking but it's something. I'm gonna shoot for 10 mins 3 times a day.

Anyway, got on the scale this morning and it read -- actually the doggone thing talks -- it said 466.4 lbs. August 21st I weighed a remarkable 516.6 lbs, surgery day, 510. So for all of you who are keeping count, I've lost 50.2 lbs total and 43.6 lbs since surgery. Not too bad.

Food Log:
1 Isopure RTD
1/2 Chicken thigh w/ onions
2 small pickles
1/2 Chicken thigh w/ onions
8 small ham cubes
1 slice cheddar
4 Ritz Crackers
1 Sugar free popsicle
1 12 oz Gatorade


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