21 September 2006


It's been an interesting few days. Food issues have been plaguing me. I had been trying to get my 80-100 grams of protein via food only, but that wasn't working AT ALL. I was forced to supplement with Isopure protein drinks and things seem to be going better.

I have realized that there are a few tricks to getting through the first few weeks. First, I learned that I have to stop drinking liquids between 15-30 minutes before I eat. If I don't, my stomach feels full much faster and I won't get the nutrition that I need. Second, I have to not drink any liquids until 30 mins after I eat. Oh, this was a rough lesson to learn. Out of habit, I was having a gulp/sip of water after my last bite, but it was causing a feeling like something was stuck in my throat and it made me want to hurl....which I did a couple of times. Not. Fun.

Third, I really have to slow it down. Right now, I can definitely gauge the "full" feeling, but I am a little dismayed with what little I can eat. Granted, I am only three weeks out, but it's just so weird to compare to what I could chug down and what I can eat now. Last night, a friend and I went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. I ordered chicken fajitas and had told myself I could at least eat one small fajita. Nope. I got through 1/2 and that was that. It was delicious, but I wish I could have finished it....well, I did finish it, about 2 hours later.

One other thing I am struggling with that I am waking up hot. Almost sweating. I'm a hot sleeper as it is, but it's a little ridiculous now. I had to walk outside in the low 50 degree weather to cool myself off. The other thing is that for the first 2-4 hours of the day, I am wiped out. I got like 7-8 hours of sleep, but man, I was feeling just worn out, tired, even a little lightheaded. I'm not sure how to remedy. This morning I quickly started in on the Isopure figuring it would metabolize faster and it did help some, but it took me drinking 1/2 a bottle of that and about 12 oz. of water to finally feel solid enough to get some stuff done. I'm definitely going to be asking about that at my support group meeting, which I am very, very excited about, by the way. I went to Brazil and back since the last one and a couple of people were curious about the whole thing.

Ugh, time for some more Isopure.


Anonymous Kim said...

The hot is hormone flush sweetie.

As for the food- stop trying to jump ahead. You cannot rush getting to more solids. You are going to have to drink protein for awhile.

Hang in there and keep posting.



September 25, 2006 at 9:24 PM  

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