06 October 2006


Yesterday, I crossed over a new threshold. I dropped out of the 460s into the 450s. I am close to 60 lbs of loss. Needless to say, I am pretty happy, but I sometimes find myself a little impatient. I am trying to look at all this like "good-bye 460's you'll never see me again!", but I am also reminded that I have a long ass way to go and I just have to exercise some patience -- one day at a time.

Today, I get a little company. My sister is coming into town to visit. I am too excited! She's really my best friend in the world and the one I used to call late at night when I was freaking about about the surgery before I actually went. She has been 200% supportive! This weekend should be a lot of fun. Typically we make the rounds to a bunch of restaurants in Atlanta and I suspect this year might not be too different. Regardless of what we do, I'm just glad she'll be here.

My food has been interesting the last couple of days. I have certainly eaten more solid foods. I've had the toppings to a small slice of pizza, a couple of chicken wings, cheese & beef enchiladas. I'm surprising myself. No bathroom issues either. Amazing. I still have my one protein shake a day, but I feel like I'm doing much better.



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