21 September 2007

Good Stuff

Well, support group meeting last night was excellent, of course. They had a vendor fair where we had the opportunity to sample all kinds of protein snacks, bars, drinks as well as a couple different types of supplements AND talk to a couple exercise vendors. I tried a bunch of stuff and frankly, none of it was very good. The worse was this concentrated protein liquidy stuff called Prostat (I think) - most awful tasting crap and I've tasted some truly horrible protein drinks, but this takes the cake. Speaking of cake, they had this vendor -- and I completely missed their name -- that was making salad cake. Weirdest thing ever. Sounds dreadful, but everyone was eating it up, except for me, I just couldn't do it. Anyway, I met a few new folks (hi Lisa!) and hung out with my usual folk and drank a lot of water for some reason, probably like four 8 oz bottles. Overall, good stuff, I hope all the pre-ops and post-ops out there have a good WLS support group they can regularly attend. It works wonders, I tell ya! It's just as important as eating right and taking your supplements. It's such a wonderful thing, seeing someone who could barely get around a year ago, spend 1/2 an hour after the meeting moving tables and chairs around, full of energy. Awesome, awesome stuff!

BP is out of town for the weekend for a wedding which gives me a chance to breathe a little and get some work done without the constant interruptions, plus I don't have to housesit, her neighbor is. Yea! I was over there last night after the meeting to pick up my new (old) laptop. We just bought a desktop replacement laptop from Dell in our company color for BP and I went over there to assume possession of the older one and make sure she is set up on the new one. That thing is pretty badass and it's huge. It's a 17" which is the same size as the older one, but it's much bigger, big enough to have full sized keys and a number pad. What's really scary is that it isn't even the largest size, Dell has a 19" one. Good grief. I'm going to wipe the older one and upgrade the RAM and install useful software for me. This makes 3 computers for me in my house. This is pretty typical for many IT people, I think. I have a couple boxes full of computer crap and I can't bring myself to get rid of it...you never know when you're gonna need that cable or old modem! BP's husband is French and a chef and he made dinner last night, we had pork tenderloin with carrots, shrimp w/ mushrooms, onions and peppers in some kind of white wine sauce and couscous with some kind of nuts or something. Delicious. I ate a lot of shrimp and a little of the couscous because I never had it before, tastes like pasta. I actually ate the mushrooms too, much to my surprise, usually not a fan, but I'm trying to broaden my horizons a little.

Anyway, on the poop front, still dealing with the sludge ... so annoying. Weighed in at 293.8 this morning. Totally off-topic comment: Whenever I start typing my weight, I always start with a "3" instead of a "2", gotta stop doing that! Crazy. Anywho, gotta find a solution to the sludge because I feel like my innards are clogged with it. Gross, I know, but such is DS life at times.

I got a few enthusiastic compliments last night which made me want to run and hide. I have to make a short list of standard responses so I don't feel like an idiot trying to bumble my way through a thank you. Ugh.

Well, I talked to some Sports Authority reps at support group about good shoes for walking/running and I plan on making a trip there to find me a good pair. My current ones just ain't cutting it anymore. I'm going to look (and maybe buy) some shoes for tennis too. BP says she will teach me. That will either be a complete disaster or totally fun. God only know which one.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tia,

Thanks for the shout out. I was wonderful meeting you last night. You are an inspiration to me.

I can't wait until I'm on the losing side too.

Have a great weekend!

September 21, 2007 at 2:49 PM  
Anonymous Deluzy said...

"Whenever I start typing my weight, I always start with a "3" instead of a "2", gotta stop doing that! Crazy."

Oh good -- me, too! I'll type 256 instead of 156 because for such a long period of my adult life I was in the 250s (before gaining even more weight), and I'll only notice the mistake a minute later.

Like, on some level my weight number has this really weird *arbitrary* dimension to it now: a 3, a 2, a 1 at the beginning of it ... okay, yeah, whatever you tell me to put down, I will.

As you say, it's crazy.

September 21, 2007 at 3:39 PM  

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