29 December 2007

Number Crunching

So. I've been using my new scale for the past four mornings and the results are below:

DayWeightBMIBF %BF lbsWater %

You can see the effect of drinking a gallon of water yesterday had on my results today. Kind of a bummer at first glance, but when I did the math, I could see that my Body fat by poundage is actually showing a significant loss from 130.1 to 128.1 even though my weight hasn't necessary shown that loss. This is the kind of info I love and it certainly makes me feel better. Gosh, I wish I could have had this scale at the beginning of the month! There are some funky jumps, but I think over larger time frames, I should be able to see positive trends.

My trip to the data center got pushed to later next week. Ugh! Well, that leaves me with a free day today. It's not raining so I think I will go to the park for a walk and maybe swing by the YMCA for the full tour. I'm planning on getting my membership soon, but I want to see all that they've got going on.

Have a good weekend, y'all!



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