22 December 2007

I Am Legend

Back from dinner and a movie and I must say, I ate pretty darn well. We ended up going to Bahama Breeze for dinner and I just had the Jerk Shrimp appetizer as my entree. It was mediocre, the shrimp wasn't fresh and was vastly overcooked and under seasoned. I've been here before and had Grouper that was to die for, but was and am disappointed. Regardless, I stuck to the plan, although I did have a french fry. Potatoes are a weakness and (unfortunately?) they do not have any gastronomic consequences. At the movie, I got $4 bottle of water (1L) and a hot dog sans bun and that was it. I don't think the hot dog was very nutritionally sound (what hot dog is?) but at least it was *some* protein, so I am content. I got home maybe 1/2 an hour ago and I'm hungry again, so I am going to heat something up and that should hold me over til the morning. One cool thing about going to the movie theater is that I easily fit in a movie seat, both armrests were down and I was perfectly comfortable.

I also found out some good news about Christmas dinner, I won't need to bring a dessert. Thank God! I always worry that I might dig in or make extra "just because". Now I don't have to worry about it. Whew!

Tomorrow I am going to Costco with BP and her husband. Yes! I have heard they have Angus burgers there. I must go see. I will probably be spending at least a few minutes tonight trying to figure out what other stuff I can get at Costco while I am there. I have heard that they may carry some of my supplements so I must go and see, specifically the iron supps. If I can save a few bucks by getting them there, again, a happy girl I will be. I will also try to pick up a few staples and I'm hoping that maybe they have some clothes, maybe I can pick something warm up. The weather is rainy and cold, I hate it. Must further address the "freezing my ass off" problem. Yeah, well, time for food!



Blogger Change for Good said...


You have a Bahama Breeze!!! We had one for years, and it was one of my FAVORITE restaurants...one day it up and closed, NO NOTICE!!! It made no sense, because Thursday-Sunday there was always 1-2 hour wait to get in. I think they must have had some major Alcohol and Beverage Control violations or something like that. I am glad you had a good time out!


December 23, 2007 at 12:39 AM  

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