13 October 2006

Hollow Leg

Did I tell you about my hollow leg when it comes to water? Man, I can drink some water. It goes through me like you would not believe. I can down like 44 oz in like 15-20 mins if I was inclined to and not feel bad. I love ice cold water and as long as I drink with a straw and not gulp, I can drink the whole big glass, no problem!

Anyway, I've been emailing back and forth with one of my Marchesini switch buddies. She had her surgery exactly one week before me and it has been great to be able to see the road ahead. I asked her about stalling and she said she experienced a three week stall probably around the 4-5 week mark. Sucks for her, but gives me comfort with what I am dealing with. I am at the 6 1/2 week mark and I think I am doing ok. For example, what I ate today:

B - EAS AdvantEdge Protein Drink
S - Earl Campbell Sausage
L - 1/4 cup of grits with butter
S - 2.5 oz Pork Country Ribs
D - New Whey Liquid Protein
S - Dill Pickles

That's not a ton of food, but it's not bad. Maybe around 60-70 grams of protein. I feel like I am getting full and feel satisfied. I don't get any serious hunger pangs so I'm not too incredibly worried. The stall itself breeds more worry than anything. I don't want to be the dreaded idiot that this surgery doesn't work for. Right now I am at the weight loss level which matches the most amount of weight I've lost in a singular effort in the past. I think that's probably the reason for the stall. My body is like "Whoa Nelly!!!!" At least, I hope that's the reason.

I don't know, it's weird. The past couple of days, overall, I've felt pretty good. I've been dealing with a bit of constipation which friggin sucks. I had to take some good old Milk of Magnesia last night to get things moving and spent the better part of my early morning evacuating my plumbing. Not fun, but I feel much better. I kinda felt bloated and stuffed up, quite uncomfortable. I don't want to continue taking the MoM for long periods of time so I've incorporated some cheapo magnesium into my diet and I will pick up some better quality magnesium once these pills run out. I had constipation issues when I was low carbing so it's not entirely unheard of. Not surprisingly, the scale read a loss of 1.6 lbs. Thank God!

I haven't been much of an exerciser. I ain't gonna lie. I hate exercising with the passion of a thousand suns. Hate it ... BUT ... I gotta figure out a way to incorporate it into my life. I DO NOT want to squander my weight-loss window. I don't want to be reading this shit a year from now full of regret. The best suggestion I have right now is to move my exercise bike from my office to my bedroom and ride the dang thing when I watch TV in the late mornings (I like to watch my Tivo'd The People's Court after I've put in a couple hours of work). This way I can get in a good hour of moderate exercise. Not ideal, but it's better than nothing, especially since I'm working from home and the furthest I have to walk is like from my bed to my office which takes all of 10 seconds.

Anyway, it's strange not having food as a crutch anymore, not that I have needed it in the past few weeks. I haven't had a single solitary sweet food since surgery. I've had a few sugar free popsicles, but that's about it and that was more about being hot than anything else. I've been to the grocery store a few times and it didn't even cross my mind to grab a box of doughnuts or some cookies. Not at all. No cravings whatsoever. Strange. I love sweets. They taste good, but I have no desire for that stuff besides I think the resulting gas could peel paint off the walls. The grits I had earlier are causing me grief and I barely had any!

I think the work required to just get the proper nutrition is a deterrent for me because it is a day long effort to get the protein, get all the supplements in, get all the water in. Not an hour goes by between 8 AM and 8 PM that I'm not either eating, drinking water or taking some dang pills. The days are flying by because between trying to be healthy and getting some work done, I have no time to be bored or be listless.

I'm not freaking out about the stall, I haven't really talked to Dr. M about it and I'm not really switching up my eating all that much...maybe a little more fat and/or protein and/or carbs here and there, but nothing drastic. I am happy the scales moved this morning and I'm hoping that tomorrow will show some loss as well. If things aren't moving my Monday, I will send Dr. M a note and see what he says. I suspect he might say to get more protein in or to just calm the heck down. I don't know, we'll see.


Anonymous Kim said...


You need more food. It is very important to eat to get your metabolism up. Have real food less supplements and less carbs. The grits give you nothing nutritionally.

We are actually going to be doing this topic in support group this Thursday.


October 15, 2006 at 10:07 AM  

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