11 October 2006


I am most definitely stalled. I've been within the same 5 lbs for like two weeks now. Not fun and a tad bit frustrating. I have these fleeting moments of "Oh my God, this is it for me. This is all I am going to lose." God, I hope not. You gotta admit though, it's a scary proposition. The last time I lost a considerable amount of weight, I stalled as well which in/directly caused me to go off plan, but now there is no plan. There is no diet to get off of. This is my life, this is how I live, there is nothing I can do besides keep doing what I am doing.

I've got the vitamin thing pretty nailed. The protein still requires some work, but I'm usually in the 65-85 range. The water is in the 60 oz per day range. I dunno. I had some serious constipation issues which I've gotten past, but the scale ain't moving much. Sigh. I guess I just have to take in all in stride and just keep the faith that this will work for me.

God help me.


Blogger Aussieabroad said...

Are you tracking your carbs? You may find that your slow down is related to too little protein and too many carbs.

If you have any doubts at all, call your dr's office.

Hang in there - I can imagine how frustrating this is

October 12, 2006 at 6:12 AM  

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