02 October 2007

Back home.

I don't travel well. This is definitely a problem for me post-DS. Well, let me clarify first, I don't eat well enough when I travel. It's hard. I've been visiting with my parents the last several days and have eaten like crap. I had a lot of fried chicken and beef enchiladas, and I mean a lot, I think I had chicken every day I was home and boy was it good and the best part is it did not cause any gastro problems. Neither did the enchiladas. Woo-hoo! My eating wasn't ideal - by far - but it was protein packed and then wonder of all wonders, I got on the scale this afternoon and I weighed in at 289.8 lbs. I actually lost weight. Holy crap. That is so awesome! I do not have an official 9/30 weigh-in so whatever the scale says tomorrow is what I will use.

Getting on an airplane this time around was better than when I flew the first time post-DS back in early June, believe it or not! I could walk down the terminal and pass people by because THEY were going too slow NOT me. I could walk down the aisle of the plane without having to maneuver sideways. I could fit more comfortably in my seat. I could put the tray table down and put my drink on it (WOO-HOO!!!!). I could drag my laptop bag, my camera bag and my big suitcase from my car to the check-in counter without (1) struggling (2) breaking a sweat (3) having to stop to rest. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Good stuff! I used to really hate flying and now it's such an amazing thing to be unburdened by all the stress that flying as a super morbidly obese entails. I really had no worries and it was great!

The trip itself was somewhat stressful, but I won't go into that right now. I really need to let my thoughts and concerns go to the wayside for a few hours while I try to recover. I honestly maybe got like 20 hours of sleep over the entire 5 days. I have no idea how or why I am still awake. Craziness. Now that I am home in my own house, I can feel the fatigue creeping up on me so I will probably catch a quick nap and then get some work done because there is a lot of it!



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