05 October 2007

So freakin' disappointing.

» Marion Jones admits to doping


I'm typically more inclined to babble on and on about my experiences thus far with the Duodenal Switch and post-op life, but this caught my eye last night and really bummed me out. Damn. I'm so disappointed in her. I don't like cheating and I especially don't like cheaters who lie and lie and lie some more. I'm a big sports fan and like most Americans, I get caught up in the Olympics, especially the Summer Games, and especially high profile sports like Track & Field. I love the passion of it all and I love fair competition, there are so many great stories to be witnessed. Marion's story was one of those, she really captured the hearts of many fans. To find out now, it was all a sham, just aggravates me. I feel the same way about Barry Bonds (as far as I'm concerned, Hank Aaron is still the home-run champ). Sigh. I don't know, this is just so utterly sad, I wish she hadn't cheated and I can't imagine the rough road the rest of her life will entail. I wish her the best as I'm sure she is regretting her decisions and there are certainly lessons to be learned here: Choose better!



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