27 August 2007

YMCA vs. Gold's Gym

After the 10K on Labor Day, I'm going to make the transition to working out regularly at a gym. There are quite a few places around where I live, the front runners being Gold's Gym and my local newly built YMCA. I am going to try to check out both places this week at some point. There is also an Anytime Fitness that is really close to my house, but it's more of a storefront and didn't look all that big from the outside. In the past, when I've done the gym thing, it was sort of aimless "just do something" kind of stuff. I did try the Body for Life 12 week program once, but that's the only structured thing I've done. I will probably get a personal trainer for a couple of sessions to get me started on a constructive path of some kind. I really want to increase my cardiovascular health, boost my metabolism and maintain/increase strength. I want to run up four flights of stairs and not pass out.

I also gotta do the tennis thing although that worries me a little bit. My business partner is a big time tennis player and I'm not sure I can run around like some of those folks. What I will probably end up doing is start taking lessons, take it slow, learn the game before I even think about playing on a team or anything. I should probably make an effort to watch a match or two beforehand to get a feel for it.

This morning I weighed in at an even 311.0 lbs, yesterday I weighed in at 316.0 lbs for a nice 5.0 lbs loss overnight, a mere 3.2 lbs over where I started the month. The water pills seem to be working okay. Constipation is still an issue and I don't think the diuretics are helping in that regard, but at least things are kinda moving along, I had 3 poops so far today. I probably need to make sure I am getting more than enough fat. TMI, I know, but oh well. I am getting in my water, a whole gallon, usually before 5:00 PM. I am trying to get in a good 20-24 oz between each major meal. I'm really not a fan of drinking during my meal, I know a lot of DSers do, but that is one hurdle I can't quite overcome just yet.

I am averaging around 1500-1600 cals and around 150g protein, with a spike every now and again to 1800 cals and 180+ grams of protein. I feel most comfortable eating at this level and assuming I keep on track and keep losing weight, this is where I will stay.

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