27 October 2007

Girls Night In

So last night I decided to go, it was both a good and bad idea. The purpose of the whole thing was to celebrate the divorce filings for a friend of mine. Typically, I am not one to take joy in someone else's agony, but her soon to be ex-husband is a true bastard. We basically ate Mexican food (beef enchiladas), they drank (I didn't) and watched a movie. There were kids there and at some point I got talked into playing monster with them and spent a good hour or so chasing three screaming little girls around the house. I'll pause a moment and reflect on this because I actually had the energy to do it. I actually ran around the house, up and down stairs, crouched behind furniture and it was fun. Do I even need to say how impossible this was pre-surgery? It was fun and it was so cool to be able to do that kind of thing. What is so interesting to me is that when I hear about how post-WLS folks talk about being treated differently because they are now thin, I can't fully relate, but I will tell you this, I do notice the difference with kids. I noticed it back in June at my family reunion when it was like I suddenly came into existence with several of my nieces and nephews and became just another "auntie". I noticed it with my friend's 3 girls because now, all of a sudden, they want to play with me. It's so cool, because in my past, it was never really adults who I feared would say something disparaging to me about my obesity, it was kids so to now have that complete 180 is just divine because I really like kids.

The "bad idea" of this whole thing is that I still can not shake this cold and it is taking it's toll. On my way home this morning, I had to stop buy and pick up some drugs from Kroger and hopefully they will help. I was going to go with the elixirs but I didn't see any diabetic/sugar free kind and I was too lazy to go down to Publix down the street where I know they sell sugar free cold medicine. I am completely worn out and I just finished a protein shake, will make me some eggs & bacon (or maybe some soup) in an hour or so and then it's nap-time for Tia. I'm not running a fever, but I am freezing my butt off. Sigh.

My poop as of late has been liquidy and kinda foamy ... TMI, I know. I may be eating too much fat (KFC). I am going to pick up another bucket today, but I am going to freeze most of it and try to not eat so much on any given day, that should help. I think the protein shakes are also a cause, but can't do anything about that right now.

I weighed in this morning at 281.4 lbs. Total loss of 235.2 lbs. Woo-hoo! Slowly, but surely....

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