27 October 2007

I'm hungry...all the time.

I was just reading this thread at DuodenalSwitch.com and I just have to wholeheartedly agree with the comment made about how liberating it is to demand food when you're hungry with no apologies about it. My friends and family know that I eat all the freakin' time and I'm always about food and I'm always hungry (except, of course, when I've got a bad case of food aversion). They don't bother ever asking me if I'm hungry, the answer is always yes. And I tell ya, it's great. And it's not like a "yeah, I could eat" kind of hunger, it's a "move out of my way, I can see you talking but I can't hear a word you're saying cause I'm STARVING" hunger. My mom had the hardest time with that aspect of my post-op life. She just could not wrap her head around it, but thankfully, she has just accepted that maybe I kinda know what I'm doing ... just a little bit. Recently, now that I have been eating more, I am eating between 8AM and 11PM, probably 7-8 times a day.

One thing, I must say, that I am proud of is that I have been pretty darn good about having food around and with me at all times. Since my little episode back in July with the near fainting, I have food & water with me at all times and I learned not to give a flying flip what other people think if I have to stop and eat. A girl has got to do what a girl has got to do. I have sunflower seed kernels and bars and jerky everywhere. Pre-op and post-op DS-ers, learn this lesson and learn it early, have food with you, always have backups.



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