09 November 2007


I am flabulicious. I'm rocking the flabulousness. My flab is a force to be reckoned with. My flab will kick your flab's ass. My flab is insane. I spent a good 15 minutes in front of my full length mirror today looking at my body. I actually have a decent shape now which is more than exciting. When I put my arms to my side, there is actually space at my waist. What I am noticing now is my stomach pooch. It is now more skin than skin/fat. If I lift it up and kinda squish in than I can imagine what I would look like post plastics. The girls are flabby, but honestly, they always have been. My arms, especially my upper arms, I think, look the worse. I can literally, fold and roll my flab. On my lower arms, I can grab a handful of flab and still open and close my fist and not feel any tightness. Craziness. My thighs as flabby, but not that bad. When I look at pictures of me soon after surgery, my thighs were very large and bulbous. They were bar far the fattest part of my body. Even now, I still have quite a bit of weight to lose on them, more so than other parts, so they aren't as flabulicious, but hopefully they will be. When I think about plastics, my thighs and my arms are the main focus. I wonder how much all my flab weighs?

Anyway, BP gets back in town today. Booooooo. Just kidding. We're planning on dinner tomorrow or Sunday to catch up. Should be fun. She better have brought me something good back from her vacation.

Gotta run, but eating has been well, protein is consistently over 200+ grams. I'm drinking my water. Carbs are low, in the 30-50 gram range. The only thing that has been all over the map is fat, sometimes it's barely 60, others days it's over 150. Oh well. I still feel a little constipated, I swear it's that cheese from Monday. Ugh. Oh well, it'll work itself out.

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Blogger Change for Good said...


I can totally relate to the arms! My arms are AWFUL! I am losing weight the slowest in my thighs as well. My big thighs have kept me many times from being able to wear a smaller size because the clothes were way too tight.

I am thinking that I will be ready for plastics summer of 2009. If I can afford it financially, I will most likely be spending a month in Brazil getting the work done that I need.

I saw that amusement park rides were one of your goals. That is one of mine too. I say we hit up Six Flags in Georgia next year together! :)


November 9, 2007 at 6:40 PM  

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