23 November 2007

I survived Thanksgiving 2007!

Yea! Overall the day went well. I got to eat the things I wanted and am moving the hell on. A few surprises yesterday, though. Last year, I fell in love with the ham (which, btw, I had more than my fair share of at dinner last night), but the thing that was a HUGE hit with me was the freakin' fruit tray! Believe or not. It was a big ol' tray, sectioned in four, with pineapple, melon, strawberries and mandarin oranges. Now, I just don't do a lot of fruit and I haven't this past year, all the fruits I like have way too much sugar, but I ate A LOT of pineapple and those mandarin orange slices, oh my goodness, and the oranges were already peeled so no effort involved in consuming a ton. It was so refreshing and delicious, it was like I discovered a new classification and yumminess and couldn't get enough. Unfortunately, I can't incorporate that stuff in my day-to-day, but I will keep in on the emergency list when I just have to have something sweet. I'd rather have pineapple and mandarin oranges than cookies! Speaking of sweets, I honestly didn't eat that much, I think I had two pieces of chocolate chip pie the whole day. That's it. My eating yesterday looked like this:

2 large sausage links
1 cup mandarin oranges
1/2 cup pineapple chunks
couple cucumber slices w/ veggie dip
2 oz turkey
6 oz ham
1/2 cup fresh green beans
1 cup mashed potatoes w/ a lot of butter
1/2 cup mac & cheese
1 spoonful dressing
2 sweet potato chips
4 small crescent rolls w/ a lot of butter
2 slices chocolate chip pie

That's it. In my mind, I envisioned a heckuva lot more. Oh yeah, I also made sure I got my water in, I probably drank more than usual and I swear it helps minimize the damage on the scale. This morning I clocked in at 274.8 lbs. Not bad, considering.

Strategies for Christmas 2007? I am definitely going to make sure I drink a protein shake in the AM. I didn't yesterday for some reason. I am definitely going to again make sure I get my water in. Lastly, I am just going to make sure it's one day of loosening the reins, not a week.

Typically today is called Black Friday because of holiday shopping craziness, well, I am going to rename it Poop Friday because I will be having lots of crazy poop & gas today, no doubt, so I am not venturing too far from my home. In fact, the crazy poop started around 9 o'clock last night. Oh my goodness. That's all I am going to say about that!

Anyway, I brought home a bunch of turkey and ham which I will enjoy in about 15 mins. I also brought home a small square of mac & cheese, not too Tia-friendly, I know, but man, it came out great, better than I expected. Usually I just wing this type of thing, not too keen on using recipes for this type of stuff, but I wrote this one down. Definitely a winner.

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