13 November 2007


I pooped only twice today. I think psychologically I am afraid to. Pain is minimal. So far, so good. Lunch was good. We went to Chili's and I had the Fajita Trio -- Garlic Lime Shrimp, Grilled Beef & Chicken. Yum! I ditched everything except for the meat, onions and a few peppers. I was able to eat about 1/2 at the restaurant and I am enjoying the other 1/2 now. The shrimp is especially good, makes me want to run to Kroger to buy some shrimp and put it into rotation. I make some mean garlic butter shrimp.

Biggest news is that after lunch, I went to T.J. Maxx to do some shopping! Woo-hoo! I only felt a slight bit of panic, but I think my annoyance at always being cold superseded my reluctance to shop. I stayed only about 1/2 an hour, but I picked up a winter jacket, a scarf and a photo album for like $30. I did see a bunch of jeans for like $8, but I wasn't ready for trying stuff on. I didn't find any shirts or anything like that, maybe later.

Sunday, turns out I am going to the Falcons game...I think. Woo-hoo!!! Get to hob-nob in a SkyBox (or whatever it's called) with some big wigs. One of the companies we do business with invited us. Awesome. Very excited. I am hoping that the Cowboys play the Falcons next year so that I can beg and plead to go to that game as well.

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