20 November 2007

PH, BP & Mmmmmm

I think my constipation issues are almost resolved, but I'm not sure. My hemorrhoids are in remission, but I don't think my mind is convinced. Yesterday was not a good food day. I mean, I didn't eat anything crappy, but I certainly didn't eat enough. I had a cup of coffee in the morning, eggs & sausage later that morning and then a couple of pieces of chicken that evening. I was pretty pissed off yesterday at BP and so didn't eat enough, I seriously wanted to throttle her and I hate feeling that way, that is NOT me, that is NOT who I am and it's frustrating. It sucks more because I almost feel like if I tell her off, I'll feel better. Heck, maybe I should. I don't know, you tell me, shouldn't a 50 year old woman be more emotionally mature than an 8 year old??? The best I can do is not even bother trying to change her and only work on changing how I react. Maybe I should just use some Preparation H on her brain.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is Thursday (duh), woo-hoo!!!! I am going to do my grocery shopping this afternoon for it. I am 99% sure I am going to do a DS-friendly baked macaroni and cheese. I am going to use Dreamfield's pasta, lots of butter and cheese. I typically make it with some cheddar, Velveeta and Alfredo sauce. I like using Velveeta for creaminess and the Alfredo sauce for a little depth and tang, it adds a little "wow" factor. I said I'd also make a dessert. I am thinking either a sweet potato pie or a chocolate chip pie or ... a buttermilk pie... mmmm. Buttermilk pies can be tricky though. I've tried a couple in the past with mixed results, but if I can pull it off, they are quite delicious. Hopefully by the time I hit the grocery store I will have made up my mind... who am I kidding... I need to make a list and decide before I go.

A couple things I have noticed about my body lately. I usually walk around the house in a pair of Adidas slip on slippers and have noticed lately when I walk around barefoot, I've lost a good padding on the bottom of my feet. Also, I am noticing the curve of my jar right below my ears. Craziness.

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