16 January 2008

The Big C

Weight this morning: 267.8 lbs. Yea! I am still horribly constipated though, ugh, I just feel like my abdomen is full of sludge. I hate it. I've taken stool softeners the last couple of days, but no major action just yet. I just got back from my run in the park but that didn't really seem to get things moving so I guess it's just sit and wait. Speaking of running, today was hard, harder than Monday. Gawdang. The last two 90 second runs were rough! I don't know, we'll see how Saturday goes, but I may be repeating a week here or there along the way.

I've been drinking a lot of protein shakes lately, 2-3 a day and it seems that I can't eat as much food as I did before. For example, a typical breakfast for me is a couple of eggs scrambled with some sausage. Before, I could finish this over the course of 1/2 an hour, now I can't. I ate my breakfast in two different sittings which is not a common thing. I don't know whether it's the big C which is causing it or not, I guess we'll see as soon as I get things moving.

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